Bartale Pictures is now an association

We are proud to announce, that “BarTale Pictures” is now an official association, like described in Art. 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code.

From now on, it’s possible to act as a legal person. This will make it easier to operate, manage materials, manage money and communicate with third parties.  The association is open to everyone, with an annual fee of CHF 10.00. More details can be found in our articles of association (German only) in the link below.

BarTale Pictures Code of association

The following committee members were elected at the first general meeting:

President: Michael Campagnani

Actuary: Jonas Hüsser

Treasurer: Patrick Steinacher

Head of public relations: Jonas Hüsser

Material administrator: Jonas Hüsser

Production manager: Michael Campagnani

Head of events: Patrick Steinacher

For any questions feel free to contact the head of public relations at



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